Tracks and Locations

Neill is quite happy to travel to any track you may prefer, however track day bookings don’t always give the accessibility to the circuit that we may prefer. On occasion, we may wish to just stop for a short break and discussion before resuming. On a traditional track day, this means losing valuable paid-for track sessions. Additionally, drivers new to track days are sometimes intimidated by other, more experienced drivers or owners of very valuable cars are often concerned at the abilities of those surrounding them. Driver coaching in a track day environment is perfectly possible, but as an alternative, we recommend the following venue for excellent facilities and layouts.

Blyton Park

Rapidly transitioning from one of the best kept secrets in track driving into a very popular venue, Blyton has been reborn under the ownership of Richard Usher. Now a thriving test, track day and sprint facility, the layout of Blyton Park is loved by everyone we know who’s driven it. Blyton has a great combination of high and low speed corners, several connecting themselves into sequences that both highlight mistakes and reward drivers as their skills improve. Additional track laid for 2012 gives an extra sequence, together with a hairpin bend. Good local accommodation and no noise issues make Blyton our preferred circuit by far.

Blyton Park website

Teesside Autodrome

Contrary to popular opinion, not just a kart track. Teesside Autodrome has been a licenced sprint circuit for years and regularly hosts car and motorcycle track days, drift car meetings and other car manufacturer events. Often dismissed as simply a karting track, Teesside is actually a popular track day venue. A relatively tight, but very technical, layout opens onto a short but fast straight. Noise is rarely an issue at Teesside and we’ve coached drivers here who have traveled from the south coast in the past. Often used by Porsche Cup and rally teams to shake down cars before events, Teesside is often used by national car magazines for photo shoots.

Other Venues of Value<./h2>
If Blyton Park is geographically difficult, then there are other test venues that ofer good track access in an informal atmosphere.

Prodrive Test Facility, Warwickshire

Owned and operated by leading WRC team and multi-skilled engineering company Prodrive, this track has a combination of tight chicanes and long fast straights, as well as some bumpy, off camber bends. Noise restriction of 98Db, plus a few bumps may make it unsuitable for competition cars with a very low ride height, but Prodrive is perfectly suited for road cars, saloon racing cars and rally cars. Plus it’s Midlands location makes it convenient for drivers from most areas of Britain. More details of Prodrive here

But Will You Attend a Track Day With Me?

We’re quite happy to attend any track you may prefer. The main reason we chose the venues above are for the ability to offer rarely interrupted training time. We don’t need to wait for sessions to start and finish, we’re not sharing track time with racing teams testing for the next race there and we can stop and start as we wish. However, we understand that you may have a preferred venue and we’re happy to travel.

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