Track Driving FAQ

There are indeed quite a few questions that I am frequently asked about this aspect of my work. Hopefully this will help to answer some of them. If you have a query that isn’t covered here, feel free to drop me a line and ask. If I don’t know the answer myself, I’ll probably know someone you can talk to who does.

Will I damage my car driving it on a track?
Probably the number one FAQ of all, so it deserves to be top of the list. You shouldn’t, with one or two provisos… Your car should be regularly maintained and in good order. By that I mean fluids at the levels and age they should be. No old brake fluid, worn discs and suspension. The oil should be up to date in it’s change cycle and at a good level, not just on the bottom end of the dipstick. Coolant should be the correct type and at the right level, hoses should be in good order. A well maintained car, driven correctly, should finish the day with little wear to show for it apart from some to brakes and tyres. That part comes down to the driver.

I’ve never driven on track before, how can I learn without getting in the way?
If you’re new and you’ve booked a track day on a regular track day, you absolutely must go and find an instructor. Many track day organisers break the sessions into levels of ability, chose an appropriate one. Better still, book one of the days we hold at Blyton or Prodrive where there is little traffic and you can learn without the intimidation and worry of others around you.

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