Here are a few comments that people have been generous to write about their experiences. Feel free to call any time on +44 (0)7812 766760 for a chat.

“Just spent the day at Bltyon Park with Neill Watson, learning how to get the best, smoothly and safely, from my recently purchased F430 spider. What a day! Neill is great chap, his relaxed, easy going demeanour is a welcome, calming influence whilst pushing your car and yourself to new limits. With clear instruction and encouragement I was soon discovering what an immensely capable car the F430 is and that I’m not a bad driver either! Blasting round the track, learning to trust the manettino operated stability / traction controls, braking techniques, and even heal and toeing the down changes on my manual car.
I’ve been lucky enough to own a number of great cars over the years, but I’ve never felt as connected to a car as I do now with the 430. On the drive home I was aware more than ever of the feed back the car was providing me through the steering wheel, and the seat of my pants. More confident in predicting the cars behaviour and in my abilities to deal with it.
I would highly recommend a day with Neill to help you understand your car fully, help you improve immeasurably your own driving skills, and have a great time as well.”

Simon, Ferrari F430 six speed manual

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