Performance Driver Coaching

Learning by experience is ultimately what most of us have to do in life. However, when it comes to driving, learning by experience can sometimes be a rather expensive path to take. Learning some basics and acquiring some tools such that you will be able to use to teach yourself in situations which you have never encountered, is quicker, infinitely more effective and ultimately safer. Spending time with someone who has experience and knowledge, plus the ability to convey that to you using language you understand will give you a set of tools to take away and use again and again.

The Ethos

A driver coaching day is suitable for drivers of all levels and is particularly popular with owners of high performance cars who wish to learn more about the dynamics of their cars in an unrestricted environment. The objective is not just to learn the best way along a truly beautiful piece of road but to develop a process which can be applied to any circuit or any road in the world. Think of it as a set of analytical tools which you will assemble and take home with you.

What Is Driver Coaching?

There is a distinct difference between ‘track instruction’ and ‘coaching’. If you’ve experienced instruction that goes “Do this, do that” and “No, not there, brake there…” you were probably able to obey the ‘instruction’ but were left with little understanding of the reasoning behind what you were being asked to do. Neill Watson has several decades of experience in the motorsport and high performance car industry. The same analytical style required to write in depth motoring features proves to be very useful for clients wishing to acquire driving skills.

Whilst ‘instruction’ in it’s basic form has value, particularly when the occasion is a corporate driving event with drivers having less interest in acquiring skills, ‘driver coaching’ is of far greater value to enthusiastic drivers wishing to acquire knowledge. By gaining a thorough understanding of the principles behind the task, the knowledge and the thinking that produced the results can be taken away and used again and again. This is driver coaching.

All drivers are different and everyone should be encouraged to develop their own ‘style’ of driving. Instead of imposing a set of rigid, right or wrong, rules, we work to bring out your inherent preferences in driving and develop them further in conjunction with a thorough understanding of your car and it’s characteristics.

At the day’s end, you should leave with a new set of skills and analytical tools that can be used in driving situations on road and track.

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