Fees and Pricing

Pricing structure is very simple. You can book Neill for the complete day on a one to one basis, or share the day with up to two other friends, making a group of three people.

One To One Tuition

Single person driving your own car £350.00
Two people sharing £225.00 per head
Three people sharing £200.00 per head

Plus track hire / organising club fees. Travel and accommodation costs may apply depending upon your preferred venue.

Further Information

Track hire fees vary from venue to venue and throughout the season. A typical track hire fee can range from £100.00 for a day divided into ‘sessions’ of around 20 minutes in each hour, through to an open pitlane, with in theory no limit to track time, which could be as high as £400.00 peak season.

There are several other very good driving venues away from the main thrust of motorsport that offer a relaxed atmosphere, excellent track time and generally little traffic. These include Blyton Park in Lincolnshire and the Prodrive test facility in Warwickshire. You can read more about venues in this section here, plus there is an FAQ section here that deals with many of the questions we are often asked by people new to driving their own car on track.

Typical Examples

Three people sharing a day £200.00 per head
Each brings their own car, example track fee £150.00 per car


Three people sharing a day £200.00 per head
Three people share one car between them, a single track fee of, say, £150.00


Two people sharing £250.00 per head
They share one car, a single track fee of £150.00


Single person, bespoke booking £350.00
Track fee, say £150.00

There are many ways to divide the day and the costs between friends, or others prefer to have the day to themselves.

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