About Neill

“I’ve been incredibly lucky. I work in an industry I love, with people and subjects I care about. Not everyone can say that.”

Our Ethos

You never stop learning. We believe driving should be the same. Booking Neill should be more than a day out driving on track, having fun with your car.

It’s those things and more. The aim is to send you home a faster, better and far more confident driver than when you arrived. Neill’s instructing style is motorsport based, not safety and defensive driving based, but you don’t need to be a competitor to benefit from what we teach. You’ll be learning techniques that go far beyond weaving through cones and how ABS works. And you’ll leave wanting to learn more.

Neill Watson. Portrait shot in Mercedes by his good friend Tim Andrew

Neill Watson. Portrait shot in Mercedes by his good friend Tim Andrew

With eighteen years experience of the specialist car and motorsport industries, Neill has experience of most of the cars in today’s marketplace. Add in more than eight year’s experience of instructing on surfaces as diverse as Yorkshire gravel rally stages, Scandinavian frozen lakes and the smooth surface of Europe’s tracks and there’s sure to be something for us to discuss concerning your driving objectives.

In addition, Neill publishes the very popular Historic Racer, reaching out to enthusiasts of historic motorsport across the word with track tests, features and road trips of some of the most iconic cars in the world.

Our Instructor Team

For larger groups and corporate events, Neill’s choice of additional instructors and vehicles to drive is based upon his own personal contacts. His colleagues are chosen for their firm beliefs in delivering excellent quality instruction in an entertaining way, their sense of humour and their rich, diverse experience in motorsport. This team changes throughout the season according to their racing and rallying commitments but the quality remains of a consistently high standard. Our instructors are specifically chosen for their passion for driving and their ability to impart those skills to others. That’s not to say you’ll be going back to school, nobody likes that…. But you’ll be stretching your own abilities in a safe and controlled environment.

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